License to Hug
Thursday, 26 June 2008 08:18

The title of a report saying that adults are unwilling to work with children and young people because they fear being branded paedophiles.

This is not surprising. I would not even talk to a child or young person, there is no way I would allow myself to be alone with a child or youngster. We live in a society that has been whipped into a frenzy about child abduction or molestation.

However, the facts are quite different. More children will die in accidents at home in a week then will be abducted and killed by paedophiles. Organisations like the NSPCC with their 'Stranger Danger' campaign and our government are responsible for breaking the trust between adults and children. For encouraging the belief that any adult is a danger to any child.

In reality it's the children and young people who are the danger to adults. One complaint from them and your life could be ruined as you fight to defend your intentions while the child making the accusation is believed and even encouraged by all in authority. Is it any surprise that adults do not want to help children - I will not even speak to them and cross the road to avoid being near them.

When the do-gooders say it's me that has the problem they should realise it's they who have created this breakdown of trust and stopped children being helped.

Read the Civias report here

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