Seek and ye shall find
Thursday, 16 July 2009 07:54

It doesn't matter what you are looking for, if you look hard enough and are convinced that you are going to find it, then you will eventually find it.

There are examples in every field of human endeavour, but none more so that in the current Labour government.

The government trusts nobody - not even itself and that comes from the top. This government has systematically set about destroying the fabric and social structure of the UK. Suspicion abounds everywhere. Noone can be trusted. Children are taught that every adult is a threat and everyone is encouraged to believe that everyone else is a danger, a terrorist or worse.

This is not true.

David Cameron and the Conservatives need to spell out some changes that they would make to sweep away the mistrust and surveillance culture that has been put in place and encouraged by Labour.

Snooping and spying have become the growth industries under Labour, it's time to stop them now.

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