Parents - talk and read to your children
Sunday, 12 July 2009 07:41

A recent survey by academics at Exeter University has suggested that schools need to do more to ensure that children can speak properly and use English appropriately. Learning to speak starts in the home - by the time children get to school it's too late, and it's not really the teacher's job.

Parents need to talk and better still, read to their children more rather than expecting teachers to sort out problems when their offsprint arrive at school. Many parents don't talk or ever read to their children, they sit them in front of the television to keep them occupied while the parents get on with other things. The result is children with poor language skills, not foreign language skills, but their own native English!

Parents need to speak to their children more - but when the parents themselves are semi-literate benefit-drawers that does present problems. Teachers are already expected to do too much, they don't need another target or responsibility thrust upton them.

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