John Prescott is not the only one with concerns over phone taps etc
Thursday, 09 July 2009 08:22

John Prescott doesn't even like the suggestion that someone could have eavesdropped on his conversations. Well John welcome to the real world - the real world!

You are part of a government that wants to eavesdrop on everyone else's mobile phone calls, texts, emails, web surfing habits. You are part of a government that allows the police to use CCTV cameras to record car journeys by reading their number plates and storing that information. You are part of a government that wants eveyone's fingerprints, iris scans and if you thought you could get away with it you would have the DNA of every baby from the hospital when it was born.

You are concerned - well Dear John how do you think the rest of us feel?

You should be ashamed of yourself and your two-faced attitude. If it's ok for the government to do things you should not object to it yourself. You are one of the 'Nothing to hide nothing to fear' people, but you want curtains for your own house to stop anyone seeing what you are doing.

Of course this is entirely consistent with Labour thinking - which boils down to 'Do as I say, not as I do!'

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