Positive Discrimination is Impossible
Thursday, 26 June 2008 08:02

Harriet Harman wants even more discrimination in favour of women and ethnic minorities. Not content with allowing the UK to be swamped with immigrants NuLabour wants to give them advantages over the rest of the population.

It is impossible to have positive discrimination because it means that the others are automatically discriminated against.

Do we want the best people for the job or a woman or someone from an ethnic minority because we should take them first?

Consider this . . .

Your child is taken to hospital and needs urgent treatment. The treatment given is wrong and the child dies. The doctor in question was appointed because they were from an ethnic minority. The hospital defends its action because it was discriminating in favour of person from an ethnic minority. It could have appointed a better doctor but was required by legislation to favour the person from the ethnic minority.

or this . . .

You are stopped by a police officer whilst driving. Because the police officer is from an ethnic minority they can not speak English well, you say that you cannot understand them clearly. They arrest you because they do not clearly understand what you are saying and they think you are being abusive. At the police complaints enquiry it is clear that the police officer was appointed using positive discrimination in favour of them because they were from an ethnic minority. You are charged with a more serious offence because of the testimony of this police officer.

That's what Harriet Harman and Gordon Brown want to force through into law.

We need the best person for the job - if that happens to be the woman or whatever that's who should get the job, not a second rate candidate in the job the enable New Labour to say they are doing wonders for minorities.


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