BAA Limited should be broken up without delay
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 15:55

BAA Limited is a foreign owned company that has a monopoly on airports around London. It does not face any competition and is raising fees that it charges to airlines and making vast profits at the expense of passengers. It needs to be broken up without delay.

BAA Limited is interested in nothing but profits for its shareholders. Most passengers don't really want to fly through Heathrow or any London airport but don't have much choice. The government needs to take radical action and do it quickly.

Heathrow is overcrowded and dirty - the opening of terminal 5 was a fiasco presided over by BAA Limited. Competition is needed, and not just competition between airports, but competition between terminals within airports. BAA Limited needs to be totally disbanded and made to sell all its airports in parts, it would be useless to let them hang on to whole airports because they would still hold airlines and passengers to ransome. 

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