Swine flu may be a good thing for the earth
Friday, 03 July 2009 17:53

As we have commented before, planet earth can take good care of itself without human meddling. It's been looking after itself for a long time. We humans are a recent load of newcomers in evolutionary terms. We're also pretty arrogant in thinking that things we do affect the climate.

The earth is a complex ecosystem that we like to think we understand. That's not likely. The earth has dealt with some huge disasters and threats in the past. One thing that's certain is that earth can get along fine without us humans. As Darwin postulated it's survival of the fitest.

The fitest will survive swine flu, but the old, the weak and those with 'underlying health problems' will be taken, maybe in large numbers. In evolutionary and Darwinian terms that's a good thing. It removes weakness from the human gene pool. We don't like to think about that. Instead some people think that everyone should be kept alive at all costs, regardless of their value to society.

Planet earth doesn't view humans with rose-tinted spectacles, the weak and weak and they are the ones that can go. In the coming months we're going to have to get used to that. Our politicians had better get used to it too.

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