Too many people - nature will act
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 10:07

Too Many People; the world's problems have only one cause - overpopulation.

Whether the problem is lack of clean water, lack of housing, medical treatment, food prices rising, oil price too high there is one solution and that is less people.

Governments are unwilling to even think about tackling this issue, with one exception, China. In China couples can officially have one child and no more. This policy is rigorously enforced with major benefits for those who conform and major disincentives for those who don't. Even so, China is still the world's most populace nation.

We do not know how many people live in the UK. The government has no way of counting them in and out of the country. What we do know is that the cities, towns, roads and everything else is crowded. Political correctness rules so we can't even say that immigrants and asylum seekers should go home. The government lacks the will to do anything about it.

When animals are overcrowded and forced together they fight and the strongest survive. People are animals but try to suppress their urge to fight although London and other cities brings out the desire to kill in all of us. Violent crime is increasing.

Nature has ways of dealing with overpopulation - epidemics, natural disasters and famine. Unfortunately we have politicians who think the weak in society should be helped to survive and even thrive and reproduce to give us more weaklings. Unmarried mothers with children by different fathers are fed, housed and supported regardless of the costs. Nature deals with the weak very effectively. They get eaten or simply perish quietly and when things really get out of hand something catastrophic happens to reduce numbers to what is sustainable.

The human race thinks it's different - but it's not, and it's only a matter of time before nature takes corrective action. Nature waits patiently, then acts decisively in its own time and without mercy, but nature never fails to act.

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