British Airports Authority BAA is a misleading name
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 08:52

This Name is Misleading - British Airports Authority BAA

 Call it what it is, BAA Limited otherwise you unconsciously associate it with government.

BAA Limited is a private company that is mostly foreign owned. As a company its whole purpose it to make money for its shareholders, passengers and airlines come later, profit is its reason for being. Keep that in mind when you are passing through Heathrow, the most cramped and overcrowded airport in the world.

The history of airports in the Uk is unfortunate. In the sixties the government owner a number of airports, these were consolidated and formed into a public limited company plc by the Thatcher government in the eighties and then privatised. As a company with shareholders there was nothing that could really be done to prevent them being taken over, and that's what happened to them. They were then taken to a private company and it's now BAA Limited.

The BBC and other news media do the whole country a diservice by referring to BAA Limited as just BAA or even the British Airports Authority. They should be more careful and insist of using the term 'BAA Limited' stressing the LIMITED. Otherwise the term BAA is misleading because it suggests authority and some association with government.


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