Jacqui Smith deals out pieces of silver
Wednesday, 06 May 2009 12:28

From today pharmacists, shopkeepers and the post office have all be recruited by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith as places where the people of Manchester can voluntee to have £60 taken off them for the dubious pleasure of having an id card.

In the past you had to be arrested by the police to get your fingerprints and photo taken and recorded on a central database. From today you can throw £60 of your hard-earned money away and get the equivalent of a criminal record.

To some it's surprising that pharmacists have allowed themselves to be recruited as people who are willing to sell their fellow countrymen and women down the river*.

If you go into your local pharmacy, shop or post office and they try to get you to sign up for an id card there's a simple question you can ask . . .

'How many pieces of silver do you get for each id card?'

That will do two things, first it will tell them exactly what you think of them, and that you know what their motives are.

No-one in their right mind would want the government to have all their personal information, fingerprints and details. The government is the last organisation that can be trusted with any information, their incompetence is exceeded only by their lack of regard for the people.

* "sold down the river" refers to the black africans who sold other black africans to white slave traders. Somewhere "down the river" waited the ocean, the middle passage, and slavery in the Americas. In some cases the derivation is attributed to selling troublesome slaves from the north 'down the river' to the south where conditions on the platations were much harsher.

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