Homosexuality and Lesbianality rammed down the throats of the 'normal' population
Tuesday, 05 May 2009 11:43

There is a marked tendency for the left leaning media of the UK to promote and glorify homosexuality and lesbianality*.

Nowhere has this been more apparent than in a recent article about the appointment of Carol Ann Duffy as the UK poet laureate, an office that could easily be mistaken for something useful or important to the population at large.

A well-known broadsheet not only lauded the choice of a woman for this appointment, but then went on to quote the newly appointed laureate as saying that homosexuality is 'a lovely ordinary thing'. If it was so ordinary then there would be no need to ram it down the throats of the normal ordinary folk of the UK and the rest of the world.

Like it or not, homosexuality and lesbianality or not the normal state of human beings. If that were the case then the human race would not be breeding and causing the major problems that we have today - all of which can be laid firmly at the door or over population. It's time the lefty media stopped praising something that is not normal, but which is a minority, and one that is tolerated by the rest of the population.

No-one is saying that we want to return to the days when homosexuals were imprisoned, but what the normal population would like is to stop having extraordinary sexuality portrayed as the norm as if the heterosexual majority were in some way abnormal. Theheterosexual population are not abnormal, they are the normal and they don't go around saying they are 'openly heterosexual'.

'Oh, I'm  openly heterosexual you know' - it's the kind of thing one can imagine Paul Merton saying on the BBC's 'Just a minute'.

All this adds up to more 'politican correctness' which has been one of the growth areas under the Labour governments of the last 12 years.

* Lesbianality - the noun indicating the state of being lesbian

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