Inward investment - working for foreigners!
Sunday, 22 June 2008 17:16

The UK government is floating some mad ideas. Take for instance the idea that 'inward investment' is a good thing. By 'inward investment' the government means foreigners buying up UK businesses and industries and running them.

How can this be good?

Let's look at a prime example, the British Airports Authority plc, we need to stress the  plc because we don't want to cause any confusion. Although the name contains the work 'authority' it is nothing to do with the government or any official body in the UK. It's a company and it's Spanish owned.

A company has only one purpose, and that's to make money for its shareholders. Forget about anything else, the purpose is making money and that's all. Now realise it's Spanish owned, like the what used to be the Abbey National Bank and you realise that foreigners are calling the shots. Foreigners are dictating to UK companies what they have to do. The British Airports Aurhority plc is an excellent example, it owns all the London Airports, so it's  a monopoly. It is pushing up prices and taking money from airlines and passengers alike with no regard for the UK, just making money for its shareholders.

Gordon Brown has suggested that the oil producers invest 100 billion pounds (100, 000,000 pound) that's a vast amount of cash, into the UK nuclear and alternative energy markets. The man must be mad. What would happen if they did? They would control all our energy production companies, so they could put up their prices to whatever they wanted and we would not be able to do anything about it.

The Prime Minister has not thought this through. He is making policy on the hoof and has no long-term strategy or plans. 11 years of labour governments has made the UK into a multi-cultural hell-hole with too many people, too many asylum seekers and single mothers on benefits and too many benefit scrougers, our young people don't want to work. There are too many households where no-one works.

The answer is to chop benefits, people need to stand on their own two feet. We can't afford to support all the lame ducks, nature should be allowed to take it's course and that means they are eaten by the foxes and other preditors.

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