Where are the opposition parties?
Sunday, 22 June 2008 17:02

What is going on in the UK?

We have a government that is totally incompetent, does not know which way to turn and our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, goes flying off to Saudi Arabia at public expense 'cap in hand' asking the arabs to solve our energy problems.

This man is a laughing stock, but where are the opposition parties? Why are they not making mincemeat of him?

Are we living in a country where the news and media are being censored by the government? or is it simply that the BBC and ITV are full of left-wing media lovies that are suppressing the real views of the opposition and the people?

The news and the papers should be full of stories about the incompetence of the whole government, exposing their weak, feeble attempts and miserable attitudes to the people of this country. Instead the media seem to support the corrupt government that is wasting money on social engineering, taking money from everyone to give to a rag-bag of unmarried mothers with 5 kids by 5 different fathers, asylum seekers and benefit scroungers.

It's time to sweep away a lot of these benefits and other handouts. The UK is so overcrowded that anything that encourages breeding should be scrapped. Talk about immigration being a good thing and supporting our economy is hogwash, a diversion. We don't need more people, we need less, and definitely less of the unskilled dependents that are coming into this country as a result of the government's loony liberal policies.

This happens every time Labour is in power, we the people should have learned, but many haven't.

Roll on the election and let's get someone in power who cares about the UK.

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