Jacqui Smith moral bankrupt
Monday, 09 February 2009 09:34

On the Today programme (BBC Radio 4) this morning, Evette Cooper, from the UK Treasury said that bankers should not be getting bonuses and they should consider their moral responsibility.

Ms Cooper might like to say the same thing to her government colleague Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary who has declared her London digs as her main home which means that she is then able to keep taking an allowance of around £24,000 a year for running a second home.

Smith has pocketed around £100,000 - and she is the person who is running the Home Office. This is a fantastic example of one rule for me and a different rule for the rest of you, but that's exactly what we have come to expect from Labour.

Jacqui Smith should not even get the chance to resign, the prime minister should sack her immediately as a demonstration of his resolve to do something about standards in public life.

Ditherer Brown with do no such thing, he will declare his public support for her and say what a good job she is doing in difficult times. This shows just how much 'moral responsibility' we can expect from Labour.

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