Snooping has to stop
Friday, 06 February 2009 09:10

Every day an army of state employed snoopers sits behind screens and watches everything you do. Over 300 photographs of you are taken every day and miles of CCTV footage on each person in the UK.

All paid for by you out of taxes.

Then this information is poured over by sneaks and snitches who look for minor transgressions like a car in a bus lane, then send you a fine in the post.

The Orwellian nightmare is alive and well and being enlarged every day by Labour. In their 12 years in office they have expanded the power of the state and reduced the individual to a number.

We need to stand up to them and demand an end to these powers.

Investigate this more . . .

and more . . .

Little will come of this because the British people have had the stuffing knocked out of them by Labour. The government no longer takes any notice of parliament, pushing through its agenda with no-one to oppose it. In the 'old days' there would have been rebel MPs who would have voted against the party, but these have all gone, only to be replaced by 'yes men and women'.

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