NHS Christian persecution
Friday, 06 February 2009 08:51

The UK National Health Service NHS not openly persecutes Christians, a surprise statement bans Christians from talking about religion.

This is wrong.

For many patients and others Christianity is an important part of their life, their faith sustains them through difficult times. Compare this with Ireland, here when someone dies in hospital the first thing that happens is that the named nurse will lead the family and friends who are present in reciting the Rosary.

The dead person is remembered and the family reassured.

The NHS needs to bring itself into the 21st century instead of retreating back into the dark ages.

Investigate more

The NHS should have senior managers praying - that seems to be the only way they are going to get things sorted out, for instance payouts for negligence are over £700 million this year and are expected to rise by 80% next year. It gives a whole new meaning to a wing and a prayer . . .

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