BBC Have Your Say - past its sell-by date?
Saturday, 21 June 2008 09:18

With debates like

  • Are Britons miserable?
  • What's your most reliable car?
  • Will Zimbabwe violence undermine the run-off?
  • What does the EU mean to you?
  • Do you feel cut off from the criminal justice system?

 it's getting difficult to take Have Your Say seriously.

 Yes, Britons are miserable, they have every right to be, overtaxed and spied upon every moment of the day

Who cares about reliabe cars when Brown and Darling screw the motorist every day

Zimbabwe - Gordon's not going to interfere, they have no oil

The EU is totally corrupt but where else to you send failed UK politicians for a cushy number - possible names spring to mind, Neil Kinnock and wife, Peter Mandleson

Criminal justice - Oh we can't infringe their human rights - we might upset an asylum seeker who's on benefit

 11 years of NuLabour has turned the UK into a politically correct hell hole where having your say is the last thing that's possible. Mention immigrants and you'll be branded a racist, mention hospitals and you want to disband the NHS, mention benefits and you are about to strip needy people of their rights.

Having your say is not really possible any longer unless you want to land yourself in court for inciting racism, terrorism, unrest or something worse. George Orwell's "Thought Crime" is alive and well being prosecuted by Labour.

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