If you haven't got the money you can't have it
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 17:05

The new reality that many people are facing is that if they don't have the money to pay for something then they can't have it.

This will come as a painful shock to many of the 'me' generation that is used to having it all, like their ipods, mobile phones, cars and houses. All paid for with non-existent money that was borrowed.

The reality has always been that you have to pay for things. In the past you saved up, putting away a little each week or month and then when you had the cash you went and bought it. That was the right way. Few people were in serious debt and you appreciated things when you finally got them.

Credit cards and easy credit have been bad for the UK, so have escalating house prices all fuelled by greedy banks who were willing to lend to people who didn't have the income to pay. Now it has all come crashing down.

The real losers are savers and pensioners. Savers are getting miserable returns on their money and pensioners are seeing their incomes cut.

There is just one thing wrong with the UK and none of the politicians have an answer for it. We have too many people on a small island. Get rid of people and all the other problems go away. Unfortunately none of our politicians is willing to face up to this. Until they do the UK will have an uncertain future with rising crime.

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