Where the UK can make some real savings
Monday, 12 January 2009 14:23

Where the government can save money without cutting anything . . .

Scrap the proposed ID Cards, saving 5 Billion

Scrap Contact Point database of ALL children, saving 1 million a week plus

Scrap database of all emails and phone calls, massive savings

Now the more controversial savings . . .

Stop handing our 130,000 work permits to non-EU citizens every year

Stop all benefits to school leavers who have no NI contributions

Stop benefits to single mothers

Remove any legislation thought 'politically correct'

Stop providing literature or documents in any language other than English

Scrap human rights legislation

Scrap all assylum provisions and put all assylum seekers on next transport back to their point of departure

Close our doors to all new immigrants

Stop existing immigrants bring in spouses and families

Require proof of citizenship to work in UK

Put all public sector employees on money purchase pensions immediately

Bring all UK troops home from Afghanistan immediately

Bring all UK troops back from all other time-wasting locations around the globe

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