What is different about email?
Friday, 09 January 2009 12:53

The lastest proposal from the government is a giant database of all emails that are sent and received.

No wonder eyebrows are raised and people are wondering whether the UK is now a totalitarian state run by a dictator. No, this is Labour Britain where your privacy and rights count for nothing.

What is different about email?

If the government proposed a database of all your letters where they had teams of people opening your letters and photocopying them then filing them away so that the government knew who had written to you, and who you had written to there would be an ourcry.

So why are people not complaining and telling the government to mind their own business?

This Labour government thinks it can get away with anything, simply by saying it is needed to protect us. The news is that we need protection from the bad government.

Write to your MP today and tell him or her that the government has no business knowing about your email.

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