BAA Limited to be forced to sell airports
Wednesday, 17 December 2008 09:18

No surprise that the Competition Commission wants BAA Limited to sell some airports.

BAA Limited is a foreign company that has held the UK air traveller to ransome for far too long. The sad part of this affair is that the government has been slow to act and pussy-footed around while travellers have been ripped off for years.

Even worse is the government giving serious consideration to a third runway at Heathrow. This would do nothing but cause more problems for everyone living near that hell hole. BAA Limited argues that it is essentail, that is not true. BAA Limited in only interested in the so called 'transfer passengers' who are basically changing aircraft.

These poor souls have to endure the misery of Heathrow while they wait for their next flight, but here's the catch. They have to spend money to be fed and watered, they have nothing to do except wander around the outragously high priced shops.

BAA Limited makes loads of money from transfer passengers, so it's no wonder they want another runway despite saying they would not ask for one when given permission for the fifth terminal.

We need a strong government that can tell BAA Limited No!

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