Think the Unthinkable
Monday, 16 June 2008 08:35

Think the Unthinkable - it's refreshing and liberating!

As airlines struggle to cope with higher fuel prices it is reported that some are considering a 'fat levy' - so fatties would pay more for their travel.

I love this idea. We get charged for our baggage, the airlines train their staff to be especially unpleasant and vindictive to anyone who might exceed their allowance and charge what can at best be described as exorbitant  and in reality extortionate excess baggage rates - typically 1% of the First Class fare per kilo.

So why is it that a person who is so fat that they take up two seats can travel for the same price?

Helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon weigh passengers and make anyone over a certain weight purchase two seats. I don't see any reason not to apply the same rule universally. Airline seats as small and narrow so that passengers can be packed in like sardines in a can. If there is a fat person next to you then your journey will be very unpleasant.

When taxing larger vehicles etc governments wanting to make us think they are concerned about the environment say 'The polluter should pay', in this case it's clear that more fuel will be used to transport a fat person, so government should be encouraging higher charges for fatties.  

Discrimination? No - just reality. 

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