What people really think about 42 days
Friday, 13 June 2008 16:41

Brown the clown says the British people back his policy of locking up suspects for 6 weeks without charge. As we all know it depends on what question you ask.

The BBC's Have Your Say has totally different results, the most-recommended views are . . .

481 people recommended this

'I would rather take my chances with terrorism than with a government that limits my freedom.'

374 people recommended this

'New Labour cannot be trusted the citizen's freedoms. Remember the old chap at the Labour Party Conference, he whispered 'rubbish' while Jack Straw was talking and guess what he was thrown out of conference, detained, ruffed up and yes you can guess they used anti-terrorist legislation to defend this chap's demonstration of freedom of expression to be surpressed - give New Labour control over my hard won freedoms, never, they are totally self seeking and do not give a fig for freedom.' [sic]

And yes, that is correct, the 82 year-old was arrested under terrorist legislation, which shows that the police can't be trusted with these powers. Politicians should expect to be heckled, it's part of the job. They should not be using the police to keep the public at bay like that.


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