We told you so . . .
Thursday, 11 December 2008 08:49

Unlike most commentators we here at Listen to the People dot co dot uk are not above blowing our own trumpet when we get things right.

Our recent piece on the international verdict on Gordon Brown's mad plans to borrow to spend the UK's way out of recession said that the value of the pound would be the verdict of the world.

Since then the pound has slid steadily downward, until today when holidaymakers going to europe can finally get just one euro for one pound. That's a shocking verdict.

We also have the German finance minister openly challenging the wisdom of Labour's rescue plan.

He's how it is in real terms, the UK after 11 years of Labour is bankrupt. Gordon has robbed our pension funds and taxed and taxed, spent and spent more. Now with nothing left he plans to borrow even more and saddle us with the debt.

Having got into financial problems would you borrow more to spend - not likely, but then you probably have a bit of common sense.

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