Promises from BAA are worthless
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 19:23

BAA Limited, the company that a recent government report said should be broken up, made a promise in 1999 . . .

Quoted from the BBC website

The owner of Heathrow has stressed the environmental concessions it will make if it is allowed to build a fifth terminal at the London airport.

Airport operator BAA says it would build no third runway, allow no overall increase in noise at the airport, and tolerate no increase in night flights.

the report went on . . .

"Our pledges amount to a major reassurance to local people that BAA is committed to containing the environmental impact of Heathrow," said Des Wilson, BAA's director of corporate and public affairs.

Now BAA Limited is waiting for the outcome of its application for a third runway. It is obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells that anything this company says is worthless. Having got a fifth terminal they now want a third runway. These people are like naughty pestering children and need to be dealt with in the same way. They need to be told NO, in terms they will understand, and the company broken up.

BAA Limited owns all three London airports plus more in other parts of the country.

Heathrow is the most unpleasant airport in the world, totally overcrowded and working at full capacity all the time. There is no way that any promises about environment, number of flights etc will be kept if another runway is allowed.

(full story opens a new window with the story at the BBC)

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