Borrowing is what got us into the credit crunch
Sunday, 23 November 2008 13:30

What would we say to a friend who was up to their eyes in debt who decided to borrow more ?
Most of us with any common sense would tell them to be careful, spend less, save more.
Our government thinks different. Gordon Brown proposes borrowing more to pay for tax cuts now, with the idea of unleashing a tax bombshell on the people later.

Gordon Brown has lost the plot.

Tax cuts yes, a thousand times yes, but they have to be paid for NOW. Not at some time in the future. Would you borrow now, then borrow more for a spending spree on the grounds that your children can pay for it later?
That's what Gordon is doing and whatever smooth talk he gives us it's still going to be us that pay. He will be sunning himself somewhere relaxing on the money he makes from book and lecture deals.

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