Many Rover workers got new jobs after the collapse
Thursday, 13 November 2008 08:15

Indeed they did, but what exactly is a job?

It's all very nice for the government to be telling us that many of the workers who lost their jobs when the Rover car maker collapsed. But when you look at what the government considers a job to be you may not be impressed.

Anyone who worked more than one hour for an empolyer, in a family business, or who is on a government sponsored training course is 'employed' and to the government, you and I that means in a job.

So,  how impressed should we be when all the government has to do is put on some special courses, such as 'Adapting to redundancy', 'Early retirement and you' and Hey Presto! the redundant workers are employed. Of course they fall off the course after a very short time, but that's not what counts. Spin and being able to make good announcements is what counts!

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