Get the facts about surveillance and ID cards
Sunday, 08 June 2008 08:59

Let's not forget that Labour is the party of the left. Remember the Berlin wall, communism and control of the population are all the mantra of the left. They may dress up their popular appeal by adopting some of the social polices of the Conservatives and Liberals but fundamentally they are the left.

The left believes in big government - government that 'helps the weakest' and those other platitudes that politicians spout daily, but none of this can be achieved without control. That means control of what people think and do, otherwise the government's policies cannot be achieved.

Take as an example how  certain groups of people are referred to. You have to be careful what you call them of you will be branded a racist - a great success as far as Labour is concerned because they already have you feeling guilty and bad about yourself and the way you think about others. George Orwell coined a term for it, 'Thought Crime' you may think it's not possible, but you would be wrong.

Thought crime is already a crime in the UK and if Gordon Brown gets his way he will be able to lock you away for 42 days without even charging you just because a policeman or minor government minion thinks you though something.

Do a search on the internet with terms like 'uk police state' and do a little background reading.

You will be amazed at what you find. 

Most of all remember that 'For the triumph of evil all that is required is that good men and women do nothing'

Apathy allows the government to do what they want, and they will never give up their power over us once they have it. 

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