UK 2008 - run by idiots who don't give a monkey's
Sunday, 19 October 2008 16:58

How else can you think of a minister who says we - the UK - are going to cut emissions by 80%!

The man is a total idiot, lacking any common sense. 80% is nonsense. If we want to go back to living like cavemen then 80% might, just might be possible. But if any of us want a reasonable standard of living then this is total rubbish.

BUT - keep in mind that this lot are promising our future, and our children's future. Taxation will start to climb soon to pay for their idiot bank rescue. The government does not have any money.

That is so important - the government does not have any money! What they do have is the ability to tax, tax, and tax more, and that's what we are going to see.

And where will those taxes go - straight to the bonuses of the bankers who caused the mess, the pockets of the immigrants and scroungers, these are the people that Gordon loves.

We should be out on the streets shouting and screaming until he's out.

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