Air travel - security review long overdue
Tuesday, 09 September 2008 17:12

Now that the trial of the 3 guys accused of trying to bomb aircraft is over, and none of them has been convicted of that offence it's time to review the ridiculous restrictions on airline passengers.

The restrictions were put in place as a knee-jerk reaction but a government (NuLabour) that simply could not make a reasoned analysis of the situation and react with common sense.

Because one person might attempt to do something once there is no reason to brand the whole of the population as guilty.

Does anyone seriously believe that taking cans of shaving foam off people, or making them take off their belts and put them through an x-ray machine makes air travel safer?

What is needed is rational analysis - however, with Gordon Brown desparate to hang on to power there is precious little rational thinking going on in government. Ministers are too concerned with their own survival and plotting to concern themselves about the people of the country.

What is so special about aircraft?

Why the obsession with banning people from taking things onto aircraft? If someone wanted a spectacular bombing they need look no further than some of the things that the IRA did. When the troubles were taking place few restrictions were in place and no-one in their right mind put any travel restrictions in place.

Here are some interesting statistics about deaths from various causes . . .

  • people killed on the UK roads every day - 10
  • children under 14 killed in accidents in the home EVERY DAY - 20

We need some common sense putting back into travel - and an opposition party that speaks out for the people!

Full story here at the bbc

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