Olympic martyrs
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 10:57

Two pensioners, aged 78 and 76 are determined not to pay the first council tax surcharge imposed on Londoners that is supposed to pay for the 2012 Olympic games. With China having poured 20 billion pounds into their games it's a certainty that the costs for the London games will rise and these poor people and many others will be languishing in jail while their dwindling pensions are wasted on junketting by NuLabour MPs and other 'worthies'.

It would have been better for the games to go to Paris then we could have sat back and laughed as the French were lumbered with the ever-rising costs.

What will happen is that Boris Johnson will bleat on about keeping the costs down, then suddenly it will be announced that the costs simply cannot be contained and they will rise to around 20 billion.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown tells us there is no money for health, education and other things.

Don't worry - Gordon's looking forward to front row seats in 2012 and walking on the backs of pensioners to get to his seat.

Full story here

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