BA and AA tie up can not be good for passengers
Thursday, 14 August 2008 17:44

British Airways and American Airlines proposed tie up can only be bad for passengers. Using the logic that if it's good for the suppliers it has to be bad for the consumer is pretty sensible in this case. BA has employed what some might call dirty tricks and industrial villany in the past - the idea that fliers will get a better deal from this reduction in competition simply beggars belief.

Having flown BA a couple of times and found them offhand, snooty and condesending your correspondent can only assume that this would spread. AA were tolerable but not my favourite.

In the current climate travel to the US is not a good idea. The US has obnoxious customs and immigration staff and procedures that seem designed to make work, stress and inconvenience - take my advice, if you really want to go to North America then go to Canada - it's much more like Europe.

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