Contraceptive pill weakens human race
Thursday, 14 August 2008 10:13

Human diversity is likely to weaken the human race having serious consequences in the long term. This shocking news comes out of research carried out at the University of Liverpool that found that women taking the pill had a marked change in their selection of men. We've all heard of pheramones, the smell chemical messengers that can control the behaviour of insects and mammals, not surprisingly they affect humans too, and to a much greater degree than was previously thought possible.

Women choose their partners by aroma - smell., like it or not it's a fact. A man's aroma is full of chemical messengers that tell women about his genes - and guess what, the researchers have found that women naturally select men who have different genes to their own. That ensures diversity because different genes mean better offspring.

Women using the pill pick men with genes similar to their own - bad choice! That's just like picking your brother or sister, and that's thought so bad that societies all over the world have taboos, customs and laws to prevent it. The pill weakens our society by pairing up people with similar genes, that means more inherited diseases, less immunity - in short poorer stock.

Looking in the wider context the researchers suggest it will be harder for these couples to concieve and produce children and that when the woman stops taking the pill her choice in men will revert to normal leading to incompatibility with the choosen man.

Are we already seeing the results of contraceptive pill usage in terms of lower fertility, more children with allergies - all very worrying signs of a declining standard in our population in general. This is a very significant finding as it highlights one of the possible causes of marital breakdown and family breakdown in general.

It's just one more consequence of the liberal permissive society that's going to implode on itself.

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