Slowdown in air passenger growth
Monday, 04 August 2008 16:42

The International Air Travel Association reports that in June 2008 passenger numbers grew by only 3.8% over the year, the lowest growth for 5 years.

Load factors - that is the number of filled seats on each aircraft - fell, which is worrying for the airlines because they still have to pay the costs of flying but recieve less money for seat sales than they might have done if the aircraft had been filled.

What is not mentioned, but is an increasing concern to many passengers, especially frequent flyers, is the unreasonable level of security that is now being applied at airports. Most frequent flyers agree that the restrictions on taking cosmetics and liquids in carry-on baggage are unrealistic and unreasonable. They are also highly stressed, as are air crew, by the constant harrassment that they receive from security staff.

Generally airport security staff are poorly paid low-grade staff. Many seem to take delight in subjecting people who they perceive as better off and therefore legitimate targets for the strict and unbending application of petty rules. Some see it as a prejudice against travellers.

The result is that many frequent flyers are looking for alternative ways to do business simply to avoid airport stress.

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