The green tax myth
Wednesday, 30 July 2008 12:27

There is no such thing as a green tax.

Calling it a green tax is spin.

The UK is grossly overtaxed, fuel, VAT, car tax, alcohol, tobacco, income tax, stamp duty, inheritance tax - whatever you look at the government taxes as much as possible.

There are no areas of life that are not taxed, so government needs to be creative to find new ways of taxing. Calling something a green tax does two things.

Firstly it lets the government say that this tax is good and anyone who opposes it or doesn't want to pay it is a bad person.

Secondly it means government can make the tax high and squeeze people more without them complaining.

The whole global warming / climate change argument simply fuels this myth. The earth goes through regular warmer and cooler cycles. At the moment it's warming, following a cooler period. In the future it will cool and there will be taxes and those who don't use enough carbon fules!


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