Say No to US Visits
Monday, 28 July 2008 18:53

The people of the United States are, in general, really good, friendly and honest, They are interesting and interested.

However, collectively and especially when in a uniform they change into something that is a cross between an authoritarian prison camp guard and a rottweiller. Once in uniform they become nit picking control freaks that are determined to exercise their authority to the full and make sure everyone knows they are in charge.

Some big examples

Iraq - domination of a country

Guantnamo Bay - internment and torture of hundreds of foreign nationals

'Extraordinary rendition' - the process of sending prisoners to other countries - without telling anyone - where these prisoners can be tortured. That allows the president to say something like 'torture is not used in the US' or something similar.

Some examples that affect you

Flying to destinations where your aircraft has to stop in the US - you will be required to disembark and pass through immigration and customs, for which you will be charged a hefty fee. If you are changing aircraft you will have to reclaim your baggage then trundle it through the airport and go through the whole loathsome checkin procedure, including scanning of your carry-on bags and body searches, PLUS you will have to put your checked-in baggage through a scanner. Apart from the inconvenience of it all, you will be shouted at by staff whose command of the English (note English) language is lacking.

You will be fingerprinted and have to put your finger(s) into a tray of gunge that hundreds of others have put their unwashed fingers into. Your details will be recorded for ever.

Unless you feel that you absolutely have to go to the US just avoid the place like the plague. It's the only thing they understand!


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