I hate Vista so much
Monday, 28 July 2008 15:10

Why can't Micro$oft produce a good operating system and leave it at that?

I recently purchased a new laptop and unfortunately had to buy a pc because one essential piece of software is only available for that platform. I tried very hard to buy Windows XP, but finally had to settle for Vista Business Edition.

From day one it has been a pain in the ass.

The first thing that drove me mad was the User Account Confirmation - every time I did anything a box popped up telling me that something was happening and that I needed to click a button to allow it to proceed. This system is treating me like a retard - I don't need it!

Next was all the 'eye candy' - you know, the glowing buttons and other resource wasters. It took a while to find out how to turn that off.

Then we have all the junk software that is installed - I don't need Norton 360 - but I had a dreadful time getting rid of it so that I could install my choice of anti-virus software.

I do not need suggestions and tips about how to do things. I don't want the operating system to try to guess what I'm going to do, I just want it to perform tasks and leave me to do the thinking. Neither do I want it to mop up the resources of my computer so I need to spend a lot more on extra memory etc to run it.

I am going to make a determined effort never to  buy Windows again - so it's going to be Mac or Linux. I've got Linux on a desktop and I'm really pleased with it - Open Office does everything I need so I don't have to purchase Office - great!

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