Tipping - a North American evil
Monday, 28 July 2008 13:46

Tipping is totally out of control in the Unitied States and to a large extent in Canada and many other places around the world. In most bars, restaurants etc there is nothing stated on the menu, but the staff are expecting a tip of at least 15% in the US, and if they think they have done well (rather than the customer thinking it) they seem to think they are entitled to more.

Some US hotels add 30% or more to bills for 'gratuities'.

How has this state of affairs come to exist? It seems a mystery. When you buy food etc there is a sales tax, somewhat like VAT or GST added to your bill, they you are expected to know that you should pay more in the form of a tip. I for one find this deeply offensive. The staff should be properly paid and I should know in advance exactly how much something is going to cost.

When I visit a supermarket or shop I don't have to top up the wages of the staff by tipping the checkout operator, so what is different about someone who brings food to the table in a restaurant?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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