This is not the official virgin trains complaints website
Friday, 11 March 2011 15:45

Listen to the People is not an official website for Virgin Trains complaints, in fact Virgin Trains don't mention complaints at all on their website. All Virgin Trains mention is feedback and comments on their service.

We think 'comments' really means complaints and that be calling a complaint a comment that Virgin Trains is already sending out the message that they do not want to hear complaints and will not really deal with them in a way that the customer or passenger will like.

This website is here for passengers on Virgin Trains to tell the world about their complaints.

You can write to Virgin Trains Complaints Department at the following postal address:


Customer Relations FREEPOST address (no stamp required)

Customer Relations Manager, Virgin Trains, FREEPOST BM6613, Birmingham B5 4BR

If you are not happy with the way that Virgin Trains handles you complaint then you can contact:

Passenger Focus at: FREEPOST (RRRE-ETTC-LEET), PO BOX 4257,

Manchester M60 3AR. Telephone: 08453 022 022, or website or email


If travelling from London, you can also complain to: London Travelwatch, 6 Middle Street, London EC1A 7JA.

Telephone: 0207 5059000, or



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