Problems ordering tickets at Virgin Trains website
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 15:51

There are problems to be overcome if you want to order tickets using the Virgin Trains webiste.

Customer Relations
Virgin Trains
Freepost BM6613
PO Box 6613
Birmingham B5 4HH

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing to complain in the strongest possible terms about your website.
I am a regular user of the site and find it very difficult to purchase tickets for my saved journeys. I am a self-employed web designer, so I do have experience and expertise in the field of usability of web pages. I am not about to give you free consultancy; as a customer service department I think I would be talking to the wrong part of your organization. However, should your web developers wish to discuss the problems in detail then I will be able to help.
My specific complaints are:
It is difficult to log into your system, the login button is not obvious.

When regular journeys are selected, your system responds incorrectly by setting a value in one of the dropdown fields, this means that an error message is generated which is very difficult to escape.
On the last occasion that I used your site, 16 Jan 2009, I requested one of my regular journeys, Manchester Airport to Lancaster, return. It was only when I retrieved the tickets at the airport that I discovered that your system had issued only a single. I can not understand why this happened. The result is that I had to purchase another single - actually two singles, because there were two people travelling in both directions. This added considerably you our costs.
I feel that you should refund the difference in cost between the tickets that your system issued and the returns that it should have issued. A better design on the site would help to prevent this type of error in the future.
For information I enclose a copy of the relevant booking confirmation.
Yours faithfully,

As soon as a response if received from Virgin Trains it will be posted here . . .

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