Concerning the arrest of Damian Green
Tuesday, 16 December 2008 11:00

This is what was sent to an MP on December 4, 2008

Arrest of Damien Green and search of his office and home

I want to know why the Speaker of the House and Sergeant at Arms have not been sacked without compensation for the incompetent handling of this disgraceful situation.

I refer to Mr Martin and Ms Jill Pay who have shown total ignorance of the traditions and responsibilities attaching to the offices. When I, as a schoolboy, visited the House of Commons in the 1950s I recall being shown the door and told about King Charles being refused entry etc etc.

Mr Martin and Ms Pay no doubt revel in the kudos of being the legitimate successors in tradition of the Black Rod who refused entry to King Charles. However, when the moment arrived for them to show their mettle and go down in history as the modern refusers of entry to Parliament they did not rise to the occasion. Rather they metaphorically ran and hid in a corner.

We have all at some time watched television detective stories where the police arrive at premises and are refused entry because they did not have a search warrant. It beggars belief that Ms Pay would simply admit the police to the House. According to recent newspaper reports Ms Pay was refused an audience with the Queen after her appointment on the grounds that she was not suitable for the post. Need I say more?

MPs do not escape blameless either. There are surely enough of you to demand action against the Speaker.

Not let us turn to the good that comes out of this situation. For once MPs have been subjected to the kind of treatment that is metered out to the general public by the police. This is the result of the salami-slicing-away of the freedoms and rights of the British people by this government. Perhaps you and your colleagues in the House will reflect on this.

Yours sincerely,

as soon as a response is received it will be posted here

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