Mouse Ears Winners

Royal Mail Philatelic wins Mouse Ears October 2008

Listen to the People announces the October 2008 winner of the Mouse Ears award is Royal Mail Philatelic section.

Royal Mail wins the mouse ears award for their handling of the closure of an account of a deceased relative.

The details

Let's call the deceased E; he died 8 October 2008.

13 October 2008 - Executor writes to Royal Mail Philiatelic to cancel E's subscription to new stamps

17 October 2008 - Royal Mail Philatelic responds in writing, saying E's account will be closed, there are two issues in preparation but they can be returned for credit and the balance of £xx.x in the account will be refunded shortly afterwards.

23 October 2008 - Royal Mail Philatelic writes asking for payment.

31 October 2008 - Royal Mail Philatelic sends a catalogue to the executor in his name

4 November 2008 - Roya Mail Philatelic sends stamps to the executor in his name

Royal Mail Philatelic wins the October 2008 Mouse ears award.

Instructions . . .

  1. Print this page
  2. Carefully cut around the mouse ears and hat, taking care not to cut yourself, ask an adult to help if you are not used to using scissors
  3. Use sticky tape to attach the Mouse Ears award to somewhere appropriate

Mouse Ears for the Chief Executive of Royal Mail Philatelic