Failte Holiday House, Valencia Island, Ireland

A badly-handled complaint by someone who appears not to care about his customers


What are the complaints?

House had not been cleaned when the holidaymakers arrived - bathrooms and toilets soiled

Fridge dirty - had not been cleaned for a long time

NO cleaning materials of any kind available

4 dishwasher tablets provided for a family of 6 for a week

One disposable dishcloth provided

Insufficient towels provided and the ones provided were very worn

Washing machine had been reported non-working by a previous user 6 months previously and was still not working

Vacuum cleaner un-useable

Insufficient bedding provided

Promised cot turned out to be a travel cot and was damaged

One key supplied - to be shared between two families

The particulars say there is a shale beach 500 yards away - it is more than a kilometer away.

The house is detached but in a row, next door is a noisey building site, the plot opposite is also a building site. The exit from the house is difficult to negotiate because it has high banks at both sides, vehicles passing along the road travel at high speed.

What complaint was raised at the time?

Housekeeper informed but she was unable to provide any cleaning materials or anything else. A repair man was called to the washing machine but could not make any progress, an alternative of us taking our laundry to the local hospital where it would be laundered was suggested but rejected because of the distance and distaste of our laundry being done with hospital laundry.

Housekeeper loaned an additional key for 2 days.

What follow up was done?

Owner contacted and the situation explained in detail. Owner's response was

'Your comments have been noted'.

Nothing more. When pressed a similar terse email was received saying

'Your points have been addressed'

The owner offered no apology of any kind or any form of redress.


If you are looking for a holiday house on Valencia Island on the west coast of Ireland consider carefully whether or not you want to stay in this house called Failte that was advertised on . . .

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