Individual companies - examples of responses
Friday, 11 April 2008 10:42

How do particular companies respond to complaints - their responses differ enormously from ignoring complaints altogether to embracing the opportunity to improve their service and taking complaints seriously.

In this section you will find real complaints and see just how different companies are when it comes to dealing with the people that keep them in business.

Companies and businesses

Here is a list of some of the companies that we will be reporting on in the near future . . . 

  • Clarkson Penhale, Solicitors, Morecambe, Lancashire
  • bmibaby airline, Derby, UK
  • Tesco, Wilton, Cork, Ireland
  • Calor Gas, Dublin, Ireland
  • Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland

In our detailed sections you will find copies of the actual letters and summaries of the responses that each business made, plus comments about the way that the complaint was handled.

In the future we hope the add a letter generator to this website so that you will be able to build a letter of complaint from standard paragraphs, add your own special paragraphs and then either print the letter or have it emailed to you for printing.

We are also proposing a special section that will show letters that were written to Members of Parliament and the responses that they received - if you have a contribution to make and want to comment of how well or otherwise you think you letter was handled we'll be very pleased to hear from you. 

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