Pay what you can
Monday, 10 August 2009 10:48

Computer shareware is a great example of good customer service.

The idea is simple, the author writes a piece of software and makes it available for downloading free of charge. If you continue to use it and like it then you pay a small registration fee. In most cases there is a 'nag' mechanism that reminds you that you have not yet paid, or the software is limited in some way, for example by not letting you use all the facilities.

This really is good service.

In some cases searching around will reveal a shareware application that does the same or even more than a product that you have to pay for. There are good examples of this, the most outstanding is OpenOffice (Open Office) a completely free suite of office type applications - word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics etc that does almost exactly the same as Microsoft's flagship product 'Office'.

Open Office can read and write files in the same format as Microsoft's Office package. If you don't want to purchase the Microsoft package for whatever reason then download Open Office, give it a try - you have nothing to lose.

Another example is a utility for Apple Macintosh computers that renames files, there is a paid version called Renamerox and a shareware version Namechanger. These have slightly different functionality, but Renamerox makes you pay before you can use the full facilities whereas Namechanger is fully functional as soon as you download it.

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