Good Customer Service - some examples

Here we give a pat on the back to companies and organisations that handled complaints well

Ordering photo albums online

Saturday, 17 September 2011 19:37

Following a recent holiday to Crete I decided to make a photo album because I had a lot of really good photographs. I mentioned this to one of my mates and he showed my an album that he had got from (opens in a new window) and gave me a voucher code to get 50% off my first order.

I did actually give it a try and found the software very easy to use to put the photos into the album then see what they would look like. The album arrived well packed within a few days and was better than I expected, especially with 50% off.

In case anyone else wants the discount voucher it's RSAC50

You use the voucher code at the checkout. It's only good for your first order.


Pay what you can

Monday, 10 August 2009 10:48

Computer shareware is a great example of good customer service.

The idea is simple, the author writes a piece of software and makes it available for downloading free of charge. If you continue to use it and like it then you pay a small registration fee. In most cases there is a 'nag' mechanism that reminds you that you have not yet paid, or the software is limited in some way, for example by not letting you use all the facilities.

This really is good service.

In some cases searching around will reveal a shareware application that does the same or even more than a product that you have to pay for. There are good examples of this, the most outstanding is OpenOffice (Open Office) a completely free suite of office type applications - word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics etc that does almost exactly the same as Microsoft's flagship product 'Office'.

Open Office can read and write files in the same format as Microsoft's Office package. If you don't want to purchase the Microsoft package for whatever reason then download Open Office, give it a try - you have nothing to lose.

Another example is a utility for Apple Macintosh computers that renames files, there is a paid version called Renamerox and a shareware version Namechanger. These have slightly different functionality, but Renamerox makes you pay before you can use the full facilities whereas Namechanger is fully functional as soon as you download it.


Direct Line insurance responds well to customer complaint

Thursday, 28 May 2009 16:29

In response to a customer complaint asking for an administration charge to be refunded Direct Line Insurance responded in a reasonable time and explained exactly why they could no make a refund.

direct line response letter

Direct Line Insurance pic Direct Line House

3 Edridge Road

Croydon CR9 1AG

Telephone: 020 8686 3313 Facsimile 020 8681 0512

Tel: 0845 246 8460 Fax No: 0845 878 2822

Office Hours:Mon-Fri 8am-8pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Dear [name removed]

Car Insurance Policy No: [number removed]

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

We are unable to refund the administration charge recently applied to the Change of Vehicle amendrnent on your above referenced motor policy. Theadministration charge is applied on both Internet and telephone amendments, as this fee is to pay for the changes in the documentation and not for the use of our representatives.

We trust this clarifies the matter.

Yours sincerely

[name removed]

Customer Service Representative

Direct Line Insurance plc

Comment: Clear, concise and to the point. The letter says exactly why the charge can not be refunded. Other companies and particularly our government could learn a lot from this response.


TV licensing Ireland

Friday, 30 January 2009 10:30

Like the UK, Ireland follows up all addresses where there is no television licence. Where the countries differ is that in Ireland the service has not been subcontracted out to a private company

Here is an exchange of letters between someone who does not have a television and An Post.

The person received a standard letter pointing out that if they had a television then they needed to purchase a licence.

Dear Mr or Ms [name],
Your letter dated [date], with account number [number]
I am in receipt of your letter. You begin by addressing me ‘Dear Customer', I have purchased stamps from my local post office but nothing more, I think Dear Sir or Madam would be a more appropriate form of address.
You say that someone called. There is no evidence that your agent called, I have not received any card or other communication. I cannot understand why your agent was not able to speak to me. However, at my previous address I did receive a card. It was pushed through the letterbox whilst I was in the house, the person who pushed it through had made no attempt to speak to me on that occasion. I wrote to your office complaining and asked for an explanation but no communication was received. Please supply details of the exact time and date of the alleged call and how this person attempted to contact me.
Your letter appears to assume that everyone has and wants to have a television.
I do not own any equipment capable of receiving and decoding television signals neither will I be owning such equipment. I am well aware that this may appear an anomaly in a society that is obsessed with 24-hour news and titillation. There is a  popular belief that a television is one of life's essentials, or that life cannot be lived without television, that is not true.
The people of this country would be much happier, healthier and better off in innumerable ways if they would stop watching television. An average children in Ireland (4 to 14 years) watch 2.3 hours a day while adults watch 3 hours a day. For adults that amounts to 21 hours a week, so stopping watching it is like being given every afternoon off from work. That time can be used for self-improvement such as learning another language.
I have seen television whilst staying in hotels. It presents an unrealistic view of the world, I will spare you my full views on television and its influence on society, your job depends on television so you unlikely to take such views seriously.

Yours sincerely,

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Complaints that were handled well

Sunday, 22 June 2008 14:17

Although we like to point out the bad examples of customer service there are examples of really good service. Companies and organisations that really do listen and hear what their customers tell them.

Here are some examples.