ebay feedback has a prohibited words list
Friday, 29 May 2009 17:48

The ebay auction site has some strange quirks. It will not accept my feedback comment because it contains a word that is in their prohibited words list.

The story of what happened. I won the auction, the seller says the item was posted same day so I should have received it within a few days. After a week I emailed the seller asking if they would confirm the item had been sent. The seller responded saying that the royal mail (post office) had returned the item to them, so they we going to post it out again.

After the item arrived I went to leave feedback. In the spirit of honesty and accuracy I wanted to leave feedback saying that the item had been posted out and returned to the seller then resent.

When I tried to say 'as described, post office delivered item back to sender who reposted it' ebay's system produced a message saying my feedback contained 'prohibited words'.

ebay prohibited words list

so the comment was re-worded to say 'as described, post office returned item to seller who reposted it' but still my feedback contains 'prohibited words'.


There is something wrong with the word filtering system at the ebay auction site when buyers can't leave honest feedback.

Will someone please tell me which of the words is offensive.

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