bmibaby seat allocations rip off
Sunday, 04 January 2009 10:09

bmibaby has recently changed their seat allocation procedure.

bmibaby now tries to force passengers to pay for seat allocations splitting groups and couples.

bmibaby likes to call themselves the airline with the tiny fares; that may be true in some cases, but they certainly have the service to match. bmibaby has found new ways to charge passengers for everything and anything.

You used to be able to make your own seat allocation when you checked in online. Not any longer. bmibaby now charges you to select a seat, so if there are two or more of you travelling together you will have to pay extra to sit together.

This is a recent change to the booking system and online checkin system and has been done before other changes that could have made life easier. For example every time you book you have to enter all your contact details because the system relies on internet browser cookies to recall details and most internet browsers delete cookies for security.

bmibaby make things very difficult if you want to complain. bmibaby does not employ any staff at airports, instead they use service companies whose staff can only perform a limited range of tasks and have no real stake in bmibaby.

bmibaby will only accept complaints in writing, but makes it difficult to find the address to which complaints must be sent. Their next tactic is to ignore written complaints. Most people find it difficult enough to write a letter, but when you get no response it's likely that most people will forget about the complaint and bmibaby will never do anything.

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