TalkTalk response does not inspire confidence
Monday, 12 April 2010 13:06

TalkTalk make life very difficult if you want to contact them via their website, you need to enter full details of your account number, telephone numbers etc.

Once you have done that the TalkTalk system rejects your enquiry if you put even a space in any telephone number. One wonders what kind of programmers are employed by TalkTalk because ignoring spaces is a trivial matter as far as programming is concerned.

When the system finally accepts your enquiry you will be presented with an acknowledgement screen that hardly inspires confidence.

talktalk screenshot

Wow, TalkTalk will 'endeavor to respond to my query as soon as possible'!

That's hardly a committment to do anything, they will 'endeavor', it sounds more like a politicians' promise, something we all know will never come to pass in a month of Sundays. So TalkTalk are going to try to respond 'as soon as possible'. Again nothing specific there, one could be left hanging on waiting for a long time and it's still being done as soon as possible.

TalkTalk need to think a bit more about this and be more honest - think about their customers and say something reliable.

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