Complaints and complaining

Complaining and how to get your point across

Daily living can be very frustrating when things you buy don't work or fail to live up to manufacturer's claims. In the same way services provided by local and central government (including the NHS) can be very disappointing.

What can we, the consumer, do about it?

In almost every case we pay for the service. Keep that in mind. 

As customers we do have rights, but having rights and enforcing them are different matters. The first step towards enforcing your rights is telling the organisation - whether it's the local authority, central government or a shop - that they have not lived up to expectations or met a legal requirement.

You may still have to fight, but one thing is for sure, if you don't complain and tell organisations that get things wrong then NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. By all means tell your friends and work colleagues, but they will not DO anything about the issue. Only you can do that.

This website will help you and show you some examples of real complaints and how they are progressing and what the outcome was. 

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